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My name is Russell Dumka.  I am 65 yrs.old and Handicapped, I broke my neck a while ago and I was a quadriplegic for a while.  I slowly regained some use of my limbs. My right arm is all but useless, but I can still wright with it. For everything else  I have to use my left arm and hand   I can walk with a cane but I am very tipsy, my balance was affected so I have to be really carefull when I am out walking 

 I have two Brothers and two sisters. One older and one younger.  Our parents passed away a long time ago.

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This site is under construction.  I am using a new website builder from GoDaddy .  Right now I can't figure out how to change font sizes.

Seek and ye shall find. I just found it but it is really limited.

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